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    Freak my shit! Hahahah! (Ako yung naka red)

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    #nationalbestfriendday he is my lover, my best friend, my prince 💏💞

    #nationalbestfriendday he is my lover, my best friend, my prince 💏💞

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    Dream house.

    Dream house.

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    Mahirap mag hanap ng totoong magmamahal sayo..

    Yung di ka lolokohin. Yung hindi na tumitingin sa iba. Yung iintindihin ka kahit anong mangyari. Yung di ka iiwan. 

    Kaya kapag nahanap nyo na yung totoong mag mamahal sainyo, wag nyo ng pakawalan. 

    Surprises are best. Happy birthday my love! 

    The day <3 

    December 17, 2013. He became my boyfriend. Start from that day I became so happy and I can’t explain how much I am happy every time I am with him. Almost every day we are together, hanging out, dating etc. The feeling that I get whenever I see him, is the feeling that I love most. The stomach twists, the light headed reactions, the numbness. The love I feel when my eyes meet his.

    My first day.

    I was given the chance by my parents to choose which college/university to enroll in. And University of Santo Tomas was my 1st choice in my list. I wanted to enroll in University of Santo Tomas but my cousins managed to convince me to choose Far Eastern University. They said it’s more convenient for me to be with my cousin and FEU is one of the best schools in taking the Bachelor of Science in Accountancy because it has a double degree in this course .What he said is true so, I took his advice and registered myself at FEU.

    Then Alyza and I already enrolled. We took the steps in enrolling. We got tired. I met Patricia while enrollment. Patricia is former classmate of Alyza in high school and she will get BS in Accountancy in FEU.

    I was really excited about college. Meet new people, professor and friends. It was a bit difficult at first to be with people I never knew. I didn’t know how I should behave just to fit in. But eventually, everything went smoothly. I met wonderful friends whom are still my best buddies even until now. College is a dry run of the rest of our lives. It’s a training ground on how to be successful and become good people. Others said that college life is difficult but some said that it is more fun than high school. So I asked my friends about what college life means to them.

    First day of college was okay. I was maybe a little bit nervous but excited at the same time. The campus is huge for me but I didn’t get lost that’s for sure. I’ve actually been here several times actually. What caught my attention when I first stepped into the campus was the freedom park having a lot of trees and I feel that every time you are in there it’s relaxing.

    The first week was introduction week, we had to introduce ourselves to the class. As each individual share a little something about themselves I learnt that we are all creative in our own ways. And we are all here to activate that creativity to achieve the best from it. From there I made new friends. Some share the same passion and some differently. But it’s cool, our differences of interest are simply another thing that makes life more unique. I meet Nona, Marienel, Pat, Viarra, Faye and Neza. We made a group that namely “Babes” and of course my cousin, Alyza is with us. We always eat together.

    It’s a whole different vibe in college. It’s not the same as high school. The lecturers here are friendly. They make loads of jokes and you can see that they just want to help us enjoy our time here studying in FEU. Oh, not forgetting the assignments. Oh wow, we have only been studying here for 2 weeks and the amount of assignments given are hell a lot. Hmmm,that’s college… Well,I’m pretty much enjoying my life in college,making new friends as well as working together. And I’m glad that I will be enjoying it in FEU.


    THE ONE.

    He is my “THE ONE”. You know the one who always be there for you, comfort you, and listen to you. The one that will keep you safe or make you feel safe. The one that has the most beautiful eyes you’ve seen before. The one that will get anything you need when you’re feeling down. The one that will be there for you when you’re in a bad position. The one that makes you laugh, smile, and blush. The one that will cuddle with you. The one that writes you love notes/letters. I love him so much and I want him to be my last.

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